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Over 60 years of experience

welcome to hung gar kung fu and lion dance academy!


Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy is an academy located in Quincy, Massachusetts. We strive to provide our students with high quality kung fu, lion dance, and practical skills that cannot be found in other schools. The instructors come from a long lineage of Hung Gar masters, with one of the most famous being Wong Fei Hung.

Grandmaster Woo is the headmaster of this academy, as well as the others in Massachusetts. His numerous years of experience in practicing and teaching Hung Gar has allowed him to perfect his skill. In addition, he is dedicated to spreading the art and sharing it with all of his students and the community with the overall goal of building a supportive and committed kung fu family and to give back and strengthen the community.



our mission statement

Our mission at Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy is to provide the community with high quality traditional martial arts. We hope to cultivate the mind, body, and spirit through training, teamwork, and friendship. We strive to not only be members of a school, but become a family in a positive environment. Our family is one that will always be there for each other and for the academy. In our training, we emphasize obedience, discipline, and respect, hoping that these traits become apart of our daily lives. We hope that the academy, and all it has to offer, improves the community and lives of the students.


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