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Teaching life skills, preparing for success and preserving culture in a traditional way. Hung Gar Kung Fu, Lion Dance, Chi Gong, Self Defence, and Tai Chi.


Real Fun, Real Friends, Real Family, Real Memories


welcome to hung gar kung fu and lion dance academy!


Happy Holidays! Due to the holiday season we will be closed from 12/24 to 1/1. We encourage all students to take this time to spend time with their families and loved ones. We will be open 12/30 for normal classes. We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope that you all have a wonderful, warm and safe holiday season. We look forward to seeing you all in the new year!


Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy is an academy located in Quincy, Massachusetts. We are teaching life skills, preparing for success and preserving culture in a traditional way to our family of students.

Our instructors come from a long lineage of Hung Gar masters, with one of the most famous being Wong Fei Hung and the another being our Grandmaster Winchell Woo. He has over 60 years of experience in practicing and teaching not only Hung Gar, but many types of martial arts. This time has allowed him to perfect his skill and allows him to tailor his teachings for his students.

In addition, he is dedicated to spreading the art and sharing it with all of his students and the community with the overall goal of building a supportive and committed kung fu family and to give back and strengthen the community.

Over our school's first year in Quincy, we were the top lion dance team in Boston in the 1st United States Lion Dance Federation Tournament, only bested by fractions of a point by teams from Houston and Hawaii. We also had students place first in the Federation for Advancement of Martial Arts in forms, sparring and full contact/continuous sparring.

If you would like our lion dance team to perform at your next event, please

contact us! We have many years of experience performing for all types of events and functions. We are sure to make you next event one to remember!



our mission statement

Our mission at Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy is to provide the community with high quality traditional martial arts. We hope to cultivate the mind, body, and spirit through training, teamwork, and friendship. We strive to not only be members of a school, but become a family in a positive environment. Our family is one that will always be there for each other and for the academy. In our training, we emphasize obedience, discipline, and respect, hoping that these traits become apart of our daily lives. We hope that the academy, and all it has to offer, improves the community and lives of the students.


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