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Kids ClassAdvanced Kids ClassTeens/Adults ClassTeens/Adults Lion Dance Class


Kids Class (Ages 5 to 12)

The beauty of martial arts is that it allows the practitioner to use all parts of their body in many different ways and movements. Our emphasis in our Kids Class is to use martial arts and other methods, such as games and team exercises, to help the students discover how to control and use their body. We also emphasize self discipline, respect and perseverance. We try to make this class fun while still being beneficial and constructive. This in hopes will help the student to be self motivated to come and learn. The class is also designed to work on teamwork and gives the students the opportunity to create lifelong friendships. This class creates the groundwork for young kids to have a strong start for their training. There is a strong emphasis on the basics, such as stance work, 5 elements, basic actions, etc. While building on the basics we also try to instill a strong sense of martial etiquette.

Kids ClassAdvanced Kids ClassTeens/Adults ClassTeens/Adults Lion Dance Class


Advanced Kids Class (INVITE ONLY)

Our Advanced Kids Class is an instructor invite only class. This means that the instructor must recommend and allow access to this class. We created this class to make sure that we can appropriately focus and tailor the classes to the different skill levels in hopes not to hinder growth of any of the students.

This class has many of the same emphasis of our normal Kids Class, but with more attention to the refinement of actions. We focus on improving balance, strength, and accuracy. Many students find that by doing kung fu they are better in other sports and physical activities. This is because kung fu is dynamic and requires you one to use every part of their body. We reinforce discipline, respect, and perseverance not only when practicing kung fu but in daily life. We expect the kids in this class to start develope leadership skills and become role models for the other kids. By this part of the students martial arts journey, we expect our students to be able to understand and learn life skills that will follow with them forever and prepare them for success in and out of the school. We also start the Kids on their Lion Dance journey. The lion dance lessons are geared towards kids and focus on the foundation of lion dance.


Kids ClassAdvanced Kids ClassTeens/Adults ClassTeens/Adults Lion Dance Class


Teens/adults class (Ages 13+)

Our Teens/Adults Class offers our whole Hung Gar Kung Fu curriculum (forms, weapons, chi gong, etc). At this class we expect all of our students to be able to appreciate the complexities and subtleties of Hung Gar over their time practicing and learning. We emphasize practicing Mind, Body and Spirit in and outside of the school. In this class we do not only offer forms, but practical application as well. We show and teach how an ancient art has the ability to be practical and useful as self defence in current day application. Everything emphasized in the Kids Class is still emphasized, such as discipline, respect, and perserverance. In addition, we emphasize about learning and preserving our traditions and preparing our students for what is coming up in their lives, whether is college or transitioning careers, by teaching them life skills and being able to bring aspects of their training into their own lives. We want out students to know that kung fu is not only about training in flexibility, strength, fighting skills, and forms, but also goes far beyond with training our mind and strengthening our spirit for what is to come in life.

Many of our students from this class also participate in the lion dance class, we encourage all students who are interested or want to learn more to join our lion dance class.


Kids ClassAdvanced Kids ClassTeens/Adults ClassTeens/Adults Lion Dance Class


Teens/ADults Lion dance class

Our lion dance class teaches all aspects of lion dance. It promotes teamwork, discipline, dedication, perserverence in a team environment. Lion Dance uses the strong foundation of kung fu to perform many acrobatic actions. Every student learns all aspects of lion dance, but eventually will most likely specialize in a certain area. Lion Dance does not just involve physical dancing but it requires learning about music too. We teach about rhythm, beat and tempo. On top of that, our students will learn to develop a story, build a routine, and work as a team to make what they invisioned come to life.


In 2018 at the 1st United States Dragon and Lion Dance Federation Tournament, we were the top team from Boston and were bested by teams from Houston and Hawaii. We are hoping to get more opportunities to compete in future tournaments. If you would like to be a sponor please reach out to us!


We are constantly looking for new members to join our team. It may be required under instructor discreation that those who participate in the lion dance take their respective kung fu class for atleast 6 months before being able to start lion dance class as kung fu is the foundation of lion dance. It is expected that our students will continue their kung fu training as it is important for lion dance!


Kids ClassAdvanced Kids ClassTeens/Adults ClassTeens/Adults Lion Dance Class