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Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy is an academy located in Lowell, Massachusetts. We strive to provide our students with high quality kung fu, lion dance, and practical skills that cannot be found in other schools. The instructors come from a long lineage of Hung Gar masters, with one of the most famous being Wong Fei Hung.

Currently, Grandmaster Woo is the head master of this academy, as well as the others in Massachusetts. His numerous years of experience in practicing and teaching Hung Gar has allowed him to perfect his skill. In addition, he is dedicated to spreading the art and sharing it with all of his students.

Sifu Sorat Chan Ly currently heads the Lowell school, and has been a student of Grandmaster Woo for many years. An experienced fighter in Tae Kwon Do, he believes that the purposes of the academy are to serve the community and teach dedicated individuals, with the overall goal of building a family of supportive and committed students.


Our mission at Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy is to provide the community with high quality traditional martial arts. We hope to cultivate the mind, body, and spirit through training, teamwork, and friendship. We strive to not only be members of a school, but become a family in a positive environment. Our family is one that will always be there for each other and for the academy. In our training, we emphasize obedience, discipline, and respect, hoping that these traits become apart of our daily lives. We hope that the academy, and all it has to offer, improves the community and lives of the students.

grandmaster winchell Ping Chiu woo

Grandmaster Winchell Ping Chiu Woo is one of the best martial artists of our time. A direct descendant in a lineage of masters from the Shaolin Temple, and with over sixty years of experience, he has perfected his Hung Gar skills. In doing so, he has created a style called Five Elements Tai Chi, which incorporates major concepts of Hung Gar and focuses on cultivating internal energy. Grandmaster Woo wishes to share his knowledge to our students at Hung Gar Kung Fu and Lion Dance Academy in the hopes of improving their lives and the community.

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hung gar

Hung Gar is a southern style of kung fu that has origins from the Shaolin Temple. Hung Gar trains the student both internally and externally. Hung Gar is a very practical style, where the forms focus more on techniques that apply to a real life situation.

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lion dance

Lion dance is a tradition that has been passed down for many years. It requires strong stances and team work. One lion consists of two people, with either controlling the head or tail. These two must display a story and coordinate their movements with the musicians, who play the drums, cymbals, and gong.

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